Makoon Transition Inc.

Keeping Our Children Home.



Our Facility

Makoon Transition Inc. is located at 485 Sherbrook Street in the heart of the West End. The apartment block has 19 separate and private units, for families in the 2-story building.

Every family will have their own apartment, facilities, include 1-3 bed-rooms depending on the family’s size; full bathrooms, kitchens, and a laundry facility on site for the families to access. The apartment block features Wi-Fi for all residents to access.

Every family that volunteers to participate in our program will have 1 Support staff, along with 1 Case Manager who works with the family to develop a wellness treatment plan on their journey to independent living.

family [fam-uh-lee] – a group that dreams, laugh, plays and loves together, always present not only in good times. A precious gift.