Makoon’s quick Facts

Wellness checks
Wellness checks occur around 10AM, 4PM, and 7:30PM. It is staff’s responsibility to physically enter your unit and to see your child(ren) at EACH wellness check.
If you have an appointment that requires childminding and/or transportation, it needs to be booked through your Case Manager ASAP. Unscheduled/last minute appointments will not be guaranteed transportation and/or childminding.
Family support workers
Family Support Workers are located in unit 107. There are always Family Support Workers in the building, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Leaving Makoon
Please use the Resident Sign In and Sign Out sheet located in 107. Please ensure you also let a Family Support Worker know where you and your child(ren) are heading, and your expected return time. This is to protect you and your child(ren).
Programs are mandatory to attend at Makoon. If you are unable to attend, please notify the Program Facilitator and your Case Manager.
Childminding is available by appointment only. Please see your Case Manager as soon as you have an appointment, to ensure childminding is in place.
Drug & alcohol screening
Drug and alcohol screening will occur upon intake, and will be performed randomly once a month, or as needed/requested by your Case Manager.
Case Managers must approve all visitors. No unapproved visitors should be at Makoon. All visitors must leave by 9:00PM.
Residents are expected to be back at Makoon by 9:00PM. Please text/call our Family Support Workers if you are going to be late.
Unit inspections & fire alarm testing
Unit inspections and fire alarm testing occur throughout the month to ensure that there is no bug activity in all units, and that all fire alarms are in working order.

Makoon’s address is
107 – 26 Gaylene Place
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 4G7

Please know that Makoon Transition Inc. is drug and alcohol FREE.

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