Our facility

107 - 26 Gaylene Place

Makoon Transition Inc. is located at 107 – 26 Gaylene Place.

Every family will have their own 1-5 bedroom apartment with a full, private bathroom, kitchen, and on-site laundry facility.  The apartment block features free Wi-Fi for all residents to access.

Our secure building is central to Winnipeg Transit routes, within walking distance of medical and dental clinics, community access centres, schools, and shopping.

Every family that volunteers to participate in our program will have 1 Support staff, along with 1 Case Manager who works with the family to develop a wellness plan on their journey to independent living.

Upon receipt of a referral, our intake managers determine immediate needs and develop  realistic and achievable goals and wellness planning with the family.  All necessary paperwork is completed.

Upon a family’s arrival at our facility, our support team immediately begins the assessment, stabilization process. We provide crisis management as needed for situations of family breakdown, domestic violence, addiction, loss of family members, community, and identity.


Makoon Transition Inc. families receive practical, hands-on learning of life skills including budgeting, shopping and cooking healthy meals, parenting, time management, housing and rentals, and elective cultural teachings.

ongoing support

Using a holistic wellness approach, Makoon Transition Inc. will help families continue their healing journey.  Through regular check ins and planning meetings, case managers and families will continually monitor and update goals and achievements to reduce barriers and celebrate successes.